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The bacteria that caused the devastating Black Death plague in medieval times may have roots going all the way back to the Stone Age, when... [Read More]
Prehistoric people carried the bacteria that causes the plague thousands of years before the infamous Black Death of the Middle Ages. [Read More]
Chicken genes turned scales into structures similar to those found in prehistoric fossils... [Read More]
Experience the thrill of being an actual Dinosaur Hunter and Jeep Driver in the Mountains.Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun if you shoot and... [Read More]
A complete family of prehistoric mammoth skeletons has failed to sell at auction. [Read More]
Tags: Family - sell - auction
"Destiny" felt very much like—to use a very specific metaphor—a velociraptor with a nose ring freed from its massive metal cage. After two episodes of... [Read More]
Animatronic dinosaur manufacturer Gengu Longteng Science and Technology Co. supplies the world with prehistoric simulations for shows and exhibits. The company is midway through its... [Read More]
The prehistoric mammoth skeletons - mum, dad, sister and baby mammoth - were found on a building site in Siberia in 2002. [Read More]
Origin of all vertebrate teeth appears to be found in the skin of prehistoric shark-like fish... [Read More]
In recent years, three mummified cubs from an extinct lion species have emerged from the Russian permafrost. Cloning might be possible, but is it wise? [Read More]
SHELL OF A MAN... [Read More]
This area is well known for its stunning beauty, exceptional wines, curious prehistoric caves, charming restaurants, weekly markets, and its unique affinity for anything duck. [Read More]
Imagine slipping into a small nondescript crevasse on an unmemorable hill, falling 10 metres in the darkness until you crash into the floor. [Read More]
Massive prehistoric dinosaurs will take over Herrick District Library during "DINOvember" starting with a special storytime – Dinosaurs ROAR! – this weekend.Bring your little dinosaur... [Read More]
An announcement event for Field Station: Dinosaurs, a prehistoric theme park, held in Derby on Thursday let children get up close and personal with a... [Read More]
YOU ARE HERE : France's Vézère River winds its way for 200 km through the western Corrèze and Dordogne regions. Its banks are packed with... [Read More]
Antarctica's modern-day icy climate betrays its lush, forested past, National Geographic reported Wednesday. An expedition between November 2016 and January 2017 uncovered 13 fossil... [Read More]
Spider crabs and ghost sharks and chimaeras, oh my. [Read More]
A rare, dinosaur-era shark with a look that causes nightmares was surprisingly discovered swimming off the coast of Portugal. [Read More]
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