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Last year, Zimbabwe's government declared the birthday of longtime leader Robert Mugabe a public holiday. Oh, what a difference a few months make. There was... [Read More]
Zimbabwe's former leader Robert Mugabe was celebrating his first birthday since his resignation in n... [Read More]
The African Union will provide financial and technical assistance to Zimbabwe to help ensure credible elections later this year, the chairperson of the African Union... [Read More]
Thousands of Zimbabweans gathered Tuesday to bid a final farewell to opposition veteran Morgan Tsvangirai who was one of Africa's most globally admired politicians... [Read More]
Thousands of mourners, many clad in red, laid Morgan Tsvangirai to rest in his home village on Tuesday after the man who came close to... [Read More]
named for his arch-rival Mugabe... [Read More]
Zimbabwe's president on Sunday praised opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai who died last week as an outstanding political figure who had endured political hardship and deserved... [Read More]
The vice-chancellor of the university that awarded former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace, a doctorate in 2014 was arrested by the country's A... [Read More]
Hundreds thronged Zimbabwe's main airport Saturday as the body of opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai, who died of cancer in neighbouring South Africa, arrived home for... [Read More]
which has a history of splintering... [Read More]
a date has not yet been set... [Read More]
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