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Consumers in Southern Colorado lost millions of dollars in 2018 to scams, but you may be surprised at the age group most likely to fall... [Read More]
State officials are warning that scammers are sending fraudulent checks that claim to be from the State of Alabama Department of Finance. [Read More]
In light of all of the technologies and services offered by Google -- from its popular search engine to Android -- it's somewhat easy to... [Read More]
Scammers are calling, pretending to be from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and demand money or you will be arrested. [Read More]
Just because some people allegedly cheated the system doesn't mean the system is defensible. [Read More]
Spring break is a perfect scenario for emergency scams (commonly referred to as the grandparent scam). Scammers prey on your willingness to help friends and... [Read More]
One of my favorite jobs has been writing this column... [Read More]
Banks are failing to spot fake documents that allow criminals to open accounts in someone else's name. Losses from so-called application fraud jumped to £29.4m... [Read More]
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While thousands of volunteers flocked to Lee County to lend a helping hand after the deadly EF-4 tornado touched down, many scammers were also in... [Read More]
Jordan Belfort could have been one of the parents caught up in the college bribery scandal, but he didn't take the bait. [Read More]
Attorney General Eric Schmitt is warning Missourians about scams and price gouging in the wake of historic flooding. " Unfortunately, scammers and unscrupulous... [Read More]
Some of the newest twists on scams are coming straight out of the movies. Virtual kidnapping is not a new scam; however, this new twist... [Read More]
The cost of scams to our economy is shocking:... [Read More]
After having received several calls informing me that someone was trying to access my private information off of my computer, I decided to play along... [Read More]
Attorney General Steve Marshall and State Comptroller Kathleen Baxter issued a consumer alert warning the public of scammers that are sending out fraudulent checks seeming... [Read More]
If you're traveling somewhere for spring break be aware that scammers are out in full force this time of year. [Read More]
Police said that two elderly Massachusetts residents were scammed out of a total of $44,000 recently in separate incidents involving random telephone callers saying they... [Read More]
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Scammers are often thousands of miles away. Not this one. [Read More]
The Missoula County Sheriff's Office reports they have become aware of at least four scams over the past few days, including one that is collecting... [Read More]
Consumer groups are warning that the UK's impending departure from the European Union is leading to a surge in Brexit-related scams. The Financial Conduct Authority,... [Read More]
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