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A march to protest the Department of Homeland Security's practice of separating children from adults accused of illegally crossing the border. The march, being timed... [Read More]
A national conversation took center stage in Kalamazoo County Tuesday evening. Community members and commissioners discussed a resolution that would change how law enforcement there... [Read More]
In an attempt to deter illegal immigration at the southern border by separating children from their parents, the Trump administration has created a dire situation. [Read More]
Barbara Brennan writes about separating children from their parents and the children in cages. ("Trump Administration Enforces Cruel Border Enforcement Policy," June 26.) Where was... [Read More]
NOT UNUSUAL AND NOT NEW Mary Adroff, Karen Dickson, and Judith Kashtan, (together with alleged company of 300), are outraged by the Donald Trump administration's... [Read More]
Following the U.S. attempt to deep-six a World Health Organization resolution encouraging breastfeeding, separating children from their families at the border can no longer be... [Read More]
On June 26, a federal judge issued a national injunction in the ACLU's class action lawsuit against the Trump administration's policy of separating children and parents... [Read More]
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Here are some suggestions for the debacle at our southern border. How about instead of cruelly separating children, this administration consults with Mexico instead of... [Read More]
Protesters made their voices heard outside of Concord City Hall on Monday night. The Trump administration's policy of separating children and parents at the nation's... [Read More]
Separation from a parent at a young age can be devastating. [Read More]
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