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Anna Burns's tale of a paramilitary sexual predator would be a worthy winner tomorrow... [Read More]
A petition launched by "women and allies in the animation community" demanded "that accused rapist and sexual predator Kobe Bryant be removed" from the Animation... [Read More]
Prosecutors are calling for a man who kidnapped and raped a suburban Kansas City sheriff's deputy to serve more time in prison than what's called... [Read More]
The Democrat filed requests for temporary restraining orders against four people, including his Republican opponent and an alleged victim. [Read More]
After Abhijeet Bhattacharya and Kailash Kher, another famous personality from music industry has been accused of sexual harassment. Sharing her #MeToo story on Twitter, singer... [Read More]
In a lengthy post on Twitter, the singer accused Malik of being a 'pedophile and sexual predator'. [Read More]
'She voted for a Supreme Court nominee who is a clear predator without allowing for a real investigation'... [Read More]
For two weeks in the N&O's Letters to the Editor section, writers have been screaming like harpies for Kavanaugh's head, with accusations that he is... [Read More]
During the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings, Democrats not only portrayed Kavanaugh as a monstrous drunk, they insisted he was guilty of sexual predator charges even though... [Read More]
Heidi Gutman/ABC The season premiere of The Alec Baldwin Show, a new late-night talk series, aired on ABC Sunday night. Previously dubbed Sundays with Alec... [Read More]
The victim told police she was attacked while walking to work and escaped after spraying the man with pepper spray. [Read More]
I find Republican caviling at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings baffling. For just a moment, let us set aside the allegations that the Supreme Court nominee... [Read More]
America the beautiful, land of endless opportunity. Where else could a sexual predator be confirmed to the highest court in the land with the defense... [Read More]
Saul Loeb/Getty Just days after accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh took his seat as a Supreme Court justice, first lady Melania Trump sat down for... [Read More]
Vinta Nanda has accused Alok Nath of sexually abusing her in 1998. [Read More]
A suspected child predator is arrested in San Bruno California by U.S. Marshals. [Read More]
What we've become: If you are Brian Williams or Elon Musk, you lose your job for an exaggeration. If you're a pathological liar and alleged... [Read More]
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