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Scientists have synthesized a compound that absorbs near-infrared light to produce hydrogen from water. The compound contains three ruthenium atoms connected by an organic molecule.... [Read More]
A truck that runs on sunlight, will go faster than a diesel truck and won't break-down for 1 million miles... [Read More]
Sunlight schedule unnatural in INWhile we shake our heads at the killing rate of teens in Indianapolis, I urge Hoosiers everywhere to look at the... [Read More]
These synthetic structures could be made into glass or textiles that could absorb sunlight one day. [Read More]
Exhaust gas cleaning of passenger cars, power generation from sunlight, or water splitting: In the future, these and other applications may profit from new findings... [Read More]
This time of the year you might feel a little more fatigued and it's more than just adjusting to the time change. Shorter days means... [Read More]
For a Copenhagen native, many things about life in New York came as a surprise – especially the real estate market. [Read More]
The playground had only been officially open for a matter of hours, but already it was full of energetic children playing in the pleasant autumn... [Read More]
A veil of Cor-Ten steel and a motorized blind from Phantom Screens filter sunlight on the screened porch. The Acapulco chair and Sonny Hanging planters... [Read More]
Burneo oriented the house in a pair of perpendicular volumes. The ground floor houses the public areas, including a study, while the top volume, housing... [Read More]
Focusing sunlight on carbonized wood makes for a cheap and very efficient way of turning salty water into steam, and then into purified water. [Read More]
Engineers have found that porous types of wood from trees like poplar and pine can greatly increase the efficiency of water-to-steam conversion under sunlight. The... [Read More]
Algae also converts carbon dioxide and sunlight into energy and oxygen. [Read More]
On an unseasonably warm mid-November afternoon, Mitch Wishnowsky jogged toward the practice fields behind the Eccles Football Center with a select few special teams associates... [Read More]
When most people hear the word "Jamaica," a number of things come immediately to mind — beaming sunlight, beautiful beaches, reggae, dub and dancehall music,... [Read More]
Renewable energy is a type of energy that can be collected from natural sources, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. It... [Read More]
Pests experts said the lady bugs are attracted to the sunlight reflecting off of the South or Southwest end of a building. [Read More]
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The giant pools of turquoise water in the mountainous deserts of northwest Argentina shimmer in the sunlight like oases and for lithium miners like Australia's... [Read More]
Decked out in a pink feather boa, Ryan Turner, a Barrick Gold Corp. geotechnical engineer at Golden Sunlight, 25 miles east of Butte, participated in... [Read More]
There are two new additions to the Audubon Zoo that are sure to catch your eye: a pair of Brazilian ocelots are now calling New... [Read More]
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