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Earlier this month, I joined my colleagues in celebrating Sunshine Week, because I believe transparent government is better government. That's what Sunshine Week is all... [Read More]
As we finish up Sunshine Week — the annual initiative to promote transparency in government — it's a good time to remember this: Public information... [Read More]
Journalists rely on sunshine laws to shed light on government agencies and hold them accountable. In honor of "Sunshine Week," [Read More]
What are Kuna officials discussing outside of public meetings — or maybe even at those meetings over texts? If it's about public matters, residents have... [Read More]
(This article was initially published on March 13, 2019) Sunshine Week will be observed across the nation this week. The week shines a spotlight on... [Read More]
Sunshine Week is important to the work we do at the Ashe Post & Times, but its importance only begins there. [Read More]
Last week was National Sunshine Week, and once again the Michigan House is attempting to bring transparency and accountability to the governor's office and legislature.... [Read More]
Last week was Sunshine Week, a time to celebrate access to government and to remind officials that their records and meetings are our records and... [Read More]
Two of Connecticut's largest school districts have so far failed to comply with requests for public information as part of a statewide test conducted by... [Read More]
To mark Sunshine Week, which is about openness and transparency in government, Idaho Press staffers filed public records requests to test the openness and transparency... [Read More]
Sunshine Week, dedicated to celebrating an open and transparent government nationwide wraps up Saturday. [Read More]
I would be remiss if I let Sunshine Week pass without calling for an end to one of the least transparent practices going: trade secret... [Read More]
Tenacious fact-finding by determined journalists is the hallmark of what we celebrate every year during National Sunshine Week. [Read More]
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As part of the Telegram & Gazette's Sunshine Week coverage focused on access to public documents, the newspaper took a look at access to executive... [Read More]
Five minutes late, Darrell Todd Maurina sweeps into a meeting room and plugs in his laptop computer. He places a Wi-Fi hotspot on the table... [Read More]
Sunshine Week op-ed column on how South Carolina's open records law is under siege during to recent rulings... [Read More]
This weekend marks the end of Sunshine Week, an initiative the American Society of News Editors started in 2005 to start a discussion about openness... [Read More]
George Harrison's song of spring, "Here Comes the Sun," is a fitting start to my Sunshine Week salute to everyday heroes bringing light to local... [Read More]
Overtime expenses at Hopkinton and Bellingham fire departments are due to understaffing and union contracts, according to fire officials. [Read More]
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