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Maryville High School uses block scheduling, which has advantages and drawbacks for students and teachers. [Read More]
Kids love baseball and books! [Read More]
French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced in late November that France would raise university fees for students coming from outside the European Union. [Read More]
As technology is constantly evolving, computer science education needs to keep up with the times. While there aren't enough certified or endorsed high school teachers... [Read More]
House Speaker Jay Lucas' proposal for transforming South Carolina's public education system involves increasing teachers' salaries, dissolving failing school districts, improving job-training opportunities and encouraging... [Read More]
KOSOVO-STRIKE/ (TV):Kosovo's teachers strike for 30 percent pay rise... [Read More]
The state House passed a bill 68-0 late Wednesday aimed at allowing teachers to take up to 10 days of sick leave a year without... [Read More]
State Sen. Joe Gruters is chairman of the Florida Republican Party, but that hasn't prevented him from partnering with a Democratic state representative, Margaret Good,... [Read More]
Teachers in Palm Beach County's poorest public schools are receiving smaller pay raises than their colleagues at more prosperous campuses, a result of vast disparities... [Read More]
A Massachusetts middle school group skipped school to surprise their choir director and his fiancé with a rendition of "All You Need Is Love." [Read More]
This pilot project is a model that could be used statewide, as several states have similar incentive or tax credit systems. [Read More]
North Huron recently conducted a talent show. The show featured student acts but had a guest appearance from two teachers. There was also a... [Read More]
Members of the Birmingham Youth Action Committee delivered supplies to teachers at Birmingham's Barrett and Hemphill Elementary on Wed., Jan. 23. [Read More]
A Chinese school principal has introduced a daily 30-minute shuffle dance routine for his students and staff. They perform it every day, and a video... [Read More]
In North Carolina, 80 percent of public school teachers are white. [Read More]
Gladstone teachers win equity training grant, Local News, Clackamas local News, Breaking News alerts for Clackamas city. [Read More]
L.A. teacher union demands better pay, more staff, student support United Teachers Los Angeles, the union that represents over 30,000 public... [Read More]
Well, so far, so good. Texas leaders are pledging to give significant new pay increases to teachers, and they are to be commended for that. [Read More]
A wave of labor actions by teachers across the nation resulted with success for the educators' union in Los Angeles. Denver could be next. [Read More]
Today the Governor's Office released a statement regarding Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association: "Today, the Governor met with both Denver Public... [Read More]
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