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Five Texas Republicans have used campaign cash to rack up hundreds of dollars in expenses at Trump International Hotel in D.C.,... [Read More]
Texas lawmakers' support for legislation addressing the fate of 800,000 recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is... [Read More]
Texas Republicans in Congress applauded the Trump administration's DACA decision — but none of them advocated for the deportation of those currently in the program. [Read More]
Several groups in North Texas gathered today to criticize President Donald Trump's decision to phase-out DACA... [Read More]
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As passions continue to flare over a Trump Administration decision to end an Obama-era program providing legal status to young immigrants who are in the... [Read More]
Texas Republicans won a minor victory Tuesday in their battle to implement a voter identification law. [Read More]
Texas Republicans are heading to a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, where they're expected to express their frustration with tying Hurricane Harvey aid to... [Read More]
The French company that says its Houston-area chemical plant is spewing "noxious" smoke—and may explode—successfully pressed federal regulators to delay new regulations designed to improve... [Read More]
In the leadup to the historic flood, Texas Republicans abetted Trump's climate-change delusions. [Read More]
Several members of Congress from New York and New Jersey remain resentful over Texas Republicans who voted against a Hurricane Sandy aid package. [Read More]
Gov. Chris Christie said the actions of lawmakers after Superstorm Sandy shouldn't impact Harvey efforts now. [Read More]
When Hurricane Sandy slammed New York, New Jersey, and a number of other states in 2012, Ted Cruz and more than 20 of his fellow... [Read More]
Several members of Congress from New York and New Jersey remain resentful over Texas Republicans that voted against a Hurricane Sandy aid package in 2013. [Read More]
After the 2012 hurricane, many Texas Republicans voted against legislation for disaster relief funds... [Read More]
  Some Texas Republicans are getting some heat for their opposition in 2013 to rel... [Read More]
New Jersey and New York lawmakers say they'll back disaster relief for Texas — even if Texas Republicans didn't help them in 2012. [Read More]
They opposed aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Now that it's their state in need... [Read More]
Ted Cruz defended fellow Texas Republicans who, in 2013, voted "nay" on a Hurricane Sandy relief bill -- calling the legislation a "bill filled with... [Read More]
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Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) on Monday morning defended his 2013 vote against a disaster relief package to help New York and New Jersey recover from the... [Read More]
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