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The newest character is Forky, a plastic spork with googly eyes. [Read More]
Toy Story 4's trailer introduced us to a lot of new characters, as well as familiar faces, or not so familiar in Andy's case... [Read More]
FANS have been left puzzled by Andy's appearance in the latest Toy Story 4 trailer, asking if the filmmakers "forgot what he looks like". Having... [Read More]
Dominated by new character Forky, a spork having an existential crisis, the latest trailer may reveal the institution that launched Pixar is running into trouble... [Read More]
It didn't take long for fans to pick apart the Toy Story 4 trailer for potential easter eggs. [Read More]
and return of Bo Peep - stir a range of emotions. [Read More]
Watch your Bangor News on WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22, ABC and Fox Affiliate in Bangor Maine... [Read More]
"Toy Story 4" and Woodstock are both trending. But why? Mark S. Allen has your entertainment news. [Read More]
Pixar snuck another easter egg into "Toy Story 4." [Read More]
Exclusive photos of Pixar's new Toy Story 4 characters... [Read More]
Today's headlines with Debbie and Kara... [Read More]
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Follow @News6WKMG on Snapchat and Instagram for all your weekday news and weather from ClickO on the Go in two minutes or less. [Read More]
Hollywood Nation: Oscar-winner Natalie Portman plays an astronaut who struggles being back on Earth after a transcendent experience during a mission to space in 'Lucy... [Read More]
THE trailer for Toy Story 4 has finally been released as Woody reunited with Buzz Lightyear – but when is the UK release date? [Read More]
The first full trailer for "Toy Story 4" is released and get a sneak peak at Riverdale's 'Heathers' musical. It's Hot in Hollywood. FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestLinkedinMore... [Read More]
A clip from the new Toy Story 4 trailer has prompted theories and jokes about time, technology and Andy's transforming face - with fans joking... [Read More]
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Some fans think the latest trailer for "Toy Story 4" shows Andy's son, rather than the original Andy. [Read More]
'Did Pixar forget what Andy looks like?' Toy Story 4 fans confused over 'transformation' of Woody's pal. [Read More]
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Several favourite characters return in this fourth installment of the Pixar series. [Read More]
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Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks play hero and villain in the new 'Toy Story.'... [Read More]
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