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Has Tucker Carlson started a campaign to sugar shame Brian Stelter? [Read More]
Tucker Carlson warned the goalposts of investigating President Trump for Russian collusion have moved in a monologue he delivered following news that special counsel Robert... [Read More]
Watch your Bangor News on WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox 22, ABC and Fox Affiliate in Bangor Maine... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson literally said, "Happy No Collusion Day!" [Read More]
Laura Ingraham joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the media's impact on indictments and investigations against President Trump. Ingraham said the media should be held accountable... [Read More]
Friday on Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," host Tucker Carlson reacted to reports that Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller | Clips... [Read More]
'Tucker Carlson Tonight,' besieged by social media backlash, increasingly is filling commercial breaks with in-house ads and direct-response brand spots. [Read More]
On Friday evening, after Robert Mueller's investigation finally reached a conclusion without any more indictments, Tucker Carlson urged President Donald Trump to pardon Roger Stone... [Read More]
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Laura Ingraham joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the media's impact on indictments and investigations against President Trump. [Read More]
TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I would like to see a lot of other documents too, like the FISA warrants that allowed the Obama administration to spy... [Read More]
Carlson: "Where is Roger Stone's pardon? His pardon from the president? Let's hope it comes very soon." ... [Read More]
As Tucker Carlson went off on the media and top Democrats for pushing a Russia narrative not backed up by the Mueller investigation wrapping up,... [Read More]
Just hours after the news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had handed in the report of his probe to Attorney General William Barr, Fox... [Read More]
Yummmmm... [Read More]
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Hannity: "You have been strong, articulate, in the face of many attacks. And we all support you, so congratulations." [Read More]
Big-name sponsors have abandoned Carlson's show in the wake of multiple controversies, forcing Fox to fill his time slot with ads for its own programming. ... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson called for consequences for those who pushed the Trump-Russian collusion narrative if the report by special counsel Robert Mueller shows none in a... [Read More]
Freshman Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laid into Fox News in a series of Twitter messages on March 20, criticizing the channel's opinion hosts for... [Read More]
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