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Benny Gantz, who is posing a stiff challenge to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in upcoming elections, said Monday he would not hesitate to use... [Read More]
A long-range rocket attack covering some 100km caught Israel by surprise; the rocket, apparently launched by Islamic Jihad, hit an area not believed to be... [Read More]
Watch: High tide causes panic in Belur Math in West Bengal. High tide waves that have been lashing the ghats of the Belur Math in... [Read More]
Another 15% back annexation of Area C (which encompasses 60% of the West Bank), meaning 42% of Israelis back West Bank annexation in some form. [Read More]
An empty bus near the entrance to the northern West Bank city of Nablus was hit by a Molotov cocktail and burst into flames. No... [Read More]
There were no passengers on the bus and the driver was able to safely exit the vehicle. [Read More]
New Right representative, Caroline Glick said during Sunday night's Jerusalem Post debate on the upcoming elections that she "thinks Israel needs to change its policies... [Read More]
A bus was set alight after terrorist allegedly threw a Molotov Cocktail at it in the northern West Bank near the settlement of Kedumim, according... [Read More]
Thirty-four percent support a two-state solution ■ Twenty percent of non-Jews support entire West Bank annexation ■ Only three Israeli parties openly support two-state solution... [Read More]
A visit to a settlement leader whose vision of Israel's future borders includes parts of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon... [Read More]
News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World... [Read More]
The mosque was the Ibrahimi Mosque a.k.a. the Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron, Occupied West Bank, Palestine.  The mass murderer was not... [Read More]
Bolsters Putin's claim to Crimea. Empowers Israel's West Bank annexationists. Discomforts Arab allies. Inflames the Druze: Why Trump's Golan move is so risky, transparent and... [Read More]
Article: Trump's stance on the Golan will allow Israel to operate with impunity elsewhere - US recognition will prove a boon for the Israeli right,... [Read More]
Critics upset at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for saying that God might have put Donald Trump in office to protect Israel from Iran should... [Read More]
Relatives of 2 West Bank shooting attack victims are left fuming after it was revealed the house of Ashraf Naalwa is being rebuilt only 3... [Read More]
A week after the deadly terror attack in the West Bank that claimed his life, the family of 19-year-old Staff Sgt. Gal Keidan tearfully remember... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump's support for Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights serves no obvious strategic goals. And experts say the move could incite more... [Read More]
The tweet will help Israel's prime minister—currently facing indictments—to reelection and in all probability lead to violence in the West Bank. [Read More]
The Pelicans changed up their routine with a special trip to the West Bank. [Read More]
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