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Fire doesn't always beat ice. [Read More]
Elsie Lee runs laughing laps  around the house and digs up worms with no clue she could easily not be here at all. [Read More]
Monkeys that were taught to gamble have helped scientists to pinpoint an area of the brain that appears to be key to the willingness to... [Read More]
Tags: Monkeys - give - clue
Police say one of the attackers put his Snapchat user name on a victim's phone... [Read More]
Having the vaguest clue what you're doing is not, it seems, a prerequisite for working in the Trump administration. [Read More]
Tags: Trump - Ben - Carson
A Josephine County family is taking up arms against a cougar they say has attacked their herd, twice. The Department of Fish and Wildlife say... [Read More]
Haven't a clue what to do with yourself this week? We've got 12 suggestions here. [Read More]
They found a single shell casing at the scene where Beverly Jenkins was left to die. But over a month later, that single clue -... [Read More]
A book written 16 years ago provides another clue into Kavanaugh's treatment of women. [Read More]
Tags: Kavanaugh - Bitch - Book
On top of the titan facility Uldir in the blood trolls' swampy home of Nazmir is a conspicuous note that reads, simply: "Begin at the... [Read More]
Keredari police are still struggling to get any clue in mysterious deaths of three persons including a four-months-old Aarohi Verma in Garikhurd village. On September16,... [Read More]
Tags: Aarohi - Ankita - Police
Sandro Botticelli painted the 'Birth of Venus' between 1484 to 1486. But the identity of the Venus is a mystery to this day. A young... [Read More]
Theresa May's problem is that she is fundamentally a decent, functional human being. She is not struck down with the Messiah complex. She does not... [Read More]
USSOCOM's massive multi-million dollar purchase could be a clue that its armorers may have come up with a solution to the Mk 48′s perennial woes. [Read More]
Wheaton resident Vincent Valenzuela, who lost "Jeopardy" because of a typo in the text of a "Final Jeopardy" clue, gets a chance at redemption on... [Read More]
A fig tree provided a vital clue in finding the remains of a missing person who had disappeared during the conflict in Cyprus in 1974... [Read More]
Tags: Cyprus - fig - tree
TV ICON Michael Palin says North Koreans didn't have a clue who he was when he visited the Stalinist regime for a Channel 5 documentary. [Read More]
Marvel fans think there's a clue hidden away in this mysterious picture tweeted by the directors of Avengers 4. The Russo brothers shared an eerie... [Read More]
An identifier was found in the Setup app, but that's not the only clue. [Read More]
Tags: Setup - iOS - beta
Many of you have become lazy drivers and it's past time for a refresher course on driving rules. [Read More]
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