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Miss Earth Lebanon 2018 Salwa Akar was stripped of her title after she posed for a photo with Miss Earth Israel 2018, Daza Zreik making... [Read More]
ABC FOX Montana provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for Western and South Central Montana. Tune in to the ABC News at... [Read More]
As many Republicans in Massachusetts work to keep a safe distance from President Donald Trump this election season, one candidate from outside the party is... [Read More]
There's a line in the hit 1988 film "Heathers" -- now running as a musical in London's West End -- when the clique of popular... [Read More]
"All agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament ... must be preserved, for the sake of preserving life on earth," the former Russian president said. [Read More]
An apartment on a quiet Davis street became the scene of a deadly shooting after police say a woman pulled the trigger, killing her on-again,... [Read More]
The realization was "earth shattering," and suddenly she couldn't see straight. A colorful thermographic image confirmed her fears — which she intuitively sensed already —... [Read More]
China has developed an 'artificial moon': a space satellite with a reflective coating that can deflect sunlight back to Earth. [Read More]
Which items to put in the blue bin and which ones to toss in the garbage. [Read More]
Earth's rotation is largely responsible for every desert, forest, and swamp on the planet. Here's what would happen if the Earth reversed its rotation. [Read More]
A famous art professor died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates, the professor asked St. Peter, "Sir, I spent most of my life... [Read More]
From rare Beatles originals to one-off test pressings, these are some of the most expensive vinyl records on Earth — the kind of discs that... [Read More]
While SpaceX works on giant reusable rockets to reach Mars, other companies are working on technologies to keep colonists alive on the red planet. Relativity... [Read More]
I'm about as cynical about social media as anyone. I spend too many hours of my life on the Internet and I feel icky about... [Read More]
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While we dream of exploring the wonders of outer space, closer to home, Earth's oceans remain full of mysteries, some of which are revealed to…... [Read More]
Here's what experts in managing risks to human civilization think we should be doing instead. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns us that climate... [Read More]
UNIDENTIFIED Foreign Object (UFO) tracks have been left in the snow in Argentina, leading some to believe that aliens are visiting Earth. [Read More]
Forget doomy "Anthropocene" ideas, if we're serious about saving Earth we need hope, says Tomás Saraceno, the artist whose tetrahedral balloons inspire researchers... [Read More]
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