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A third of the Veterans from the 1990-91 Gulf War returned with multiple unexplained chronic symptoms including headaches, joint pain, fatigue, respiratory and cognitive problems,... [Read More]
Background: "The graying of the globe" has resulted in exponential rise in health care expenses, over-worked health care professionals and a growing patient base suffering... [Read More]
Organizations rely on password-based authentication methods to control access to their Web-based systems. This research study developed a benchmarking instrument intended to assess authentication methods... [Read More]
Purpose The Profile of Mood States-Short Form (POMS-SF) is a well-validated tool commonly used in medical/clinical research. Less attention has been paid to the measurement... [Read More]
Hydro power can be defined as converting the energy of flowing water into useful mechanical power by a turbine or water wheel. A micro hydro... [Read More]
Tags: Hydro - Micro - power
Fifteen well-trained males, mid-thigh pull peak force (IPF 4403.61 ± 664.69N) and isometric peak force allometrically scaled (IPFa 226.04 ± 25.81) were assigned to two... [Read More]
Tags: IPFa - RI - RM
The purposes of this dissertation were to examine the effect of a protein and carbohydrate recovery beverage versus a placebo on weightlifting performance, its effect... [Read More]
This thesis examines the rhetoric surrounding sex education crafted by two major types of advocacy groups: the Christian Right and the Liberal Left. I conducted... [Read More]
Over the past 30 years, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) groups have called for children's books to include LGBTQ characters and themes to... [Read More]
For decades, healthcare access and quality in central and southern Appalachia have trailed the rest of the country. Entrenched poverty and low educational attainment compound... [Read More]
This study is an investigation into why people with depression and anxiety use complementary and alternative medicines at higher rates than the general population. The... [Read More]
Immigration reform in 1965 enabled a large number of Chinese immigrants to settle in the United States. Chinese restaurants expanded quickly both quantitatively and geographically.... [Read More]
Farmers' markets are increasingly promoted as mechanisms for improving access to healthful foods for low-income households, as they are relatively inexpensive to establish and they... [Read More]
Near-field tsunamis are a type of natural hazard that provide at-risk individuals with short warning periods that can severely hinder effective response. The Protection Action... [Read More]
In 2015, TN had the 9th highest teen birth rate in the United States. School-based sex education programs have shown promise in curbing teen pregnancy... [Read More]
Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection in the U.S., where one HPV-related cancer is diagnosed every 20 minutes. The most common... [Read More]
Obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States (U.S.). Despite an increasing number of studies on obesity, a very few have addressed this debilitating... [Read More]
The stigma of mental illness endorsed by healthcare professionals has been linked to adverse outcomes. This issue underscores the need for early anti-stigma interventions in... [Read More]
Suicide is a significant public health concern worldwide and the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Risk factors for suicide include depression,... [Read More]
Sexual minority individuals suffer stigmatization which often predicts negative mental health outcomes and low self-esteem. However, specific dimensions of identity have been shown to buffer... [Read More]
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