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The goddess is perhaps best known for turning men into pigs in Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey." But in "Circe," author Madeline Miller offers a... [Read More]
The wolf at the door, an age-old image immortalized in everything from the fairy tale of the three little pigs to a Radiohead song, is... [Read More]
How big can a pig get? [Read More]
Dutch star Michiel Huisman has revealed he took "months and months" to master corralling pigs. [Read More]
Squeals and screams erupt as Ibby Rodgers and Zoie Wagner carry their new pigs into a barn on Des Moines' south side. The feeder... [Read More]
Good news from federal agencies can feel like a rarity these days, but this dispatch from the Environmental Protection Agency is an excellent reminder that... [Read More]
Morning Call columnist Paul Muschick calls out the lazy pigs who dirty our landscape with their trash. [Read More]
Bank Jobs Vs. GOTHAM!! Fetal Pigs On AP BIO!! DOPE & SPY KIDS Hit Netflix!! Fey On FALLON!! Thursday!! [Read More]
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Demand for donated organs far outstrips supply. But researchers are working to remedy the crisis using everything from gene-edited pigs to 3D-printed tissue. [Read More]
A Palatine of Hungary crosses some boars and sows in some Austro-Hungarian barn. He creates a new breed of swine, the Mangalica pig. Upon seeing... [Read More]
The birds are back in town — well, not yet, but next year's sequel to The Angry Birds Movie has set its voice cast. Among those joining... [Read More]
Zebras, camels, donkeys and pigs are not typically animals you see at the race track, but that's exactly what will be at the Remington Park... [Read More]
The vampire bat prefers to feed on domestic animals such as cows and pigs. When it does so, there is a risk of transmission of... [Read More]
Abbott and Costello were surrendered to the shelter because their owner could no longer care for them. They are adult guinea pigs who would like... [Read More]
Vacations are one of our favorite photo topics. Not only do we get to live vicariously through you, readers, but we also get to see... [Read More]
QuickLink: Miguel Diaz-Canel Elected as Cuba's New President - Diaz-canel(Image by Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org))   Permission   Details   DMCASTARTING TODAY - April 19, 2018 - Miguel Mario... [Read More]
Mini horses, basset hounds, and pigs are ready to put on a show for you in St. Louis as Circus Flora launches its 32nd season this... [Read More]
All too often, I look around this area and think "Gosh, we are pigs."I get so used to seeing trash everywhere — I do mean... [Read More]
A Montreal pig owner says there is "no logic" to a city rule banning pigs as pets. Mario Ramos says Babe, his pet of three... [Read More]
The 22nd annual WAND Western BBQ is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 21. The community even is moving to a new location... [Read More]
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