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From a spray painted fence to the burglary of jewelry or other valuables, reports of property crimes committed in Cleburne are easily accessible on the... [Read More]
The Lompoc Police Department (LPD) sent out a gentle reminder to its citizens on Nov. 8—if you see suspicious activity, call 911. Or, at the... [Read More]
A new study found that almost one-fifth of homeowners in Tennessee would not report a minor crime at their property to the police. [Read More]
Lompoc police are asking the community to report crime directly to the department and not through social media after several recent incidents were posted about... [Read More]
Britain's biggest police force is urging people to report crimes online and even collect their own evidence, after figures revealed that thousands of people were... [Read More]
The fact that Devin P. Kelley was able to buy a gun despite a domestic violence conviction reveals a flaw in the system: a failure... [Read More]
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