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Two more Volusia County Schools students were charged Wednesday with threatening campus violence and DeLand police had to deal with an 8-year-old who threatened gun... [Read More]
Lebanon Police are investigating a report that a Lebanon Middle School student threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot other students. Police do... [Read More]
The victims include a 23-year-old highway construction worker in Washington state, a 13-year-old Michigan boy riding in his older sister's car and a Minnesota school... [Read More]
Rising waters in Pulaski County, Arkansas put a school bus in dangerous position. ... [Read More]
Law enforcement officers were called to remove a suspicious object from a Lompoc school bus Wednesday morning, Lompoc Unified School District officials reported. [Read More]
The Huntsville Fire Department Swift Water Team was dispatched to a school bus in the river. [Read More]
Less than a half-hour after a car hit a school bus near The Orchard, a second accident was reported just a couple miles away. [Read More]
At approximately 8:01 a.m. an injury accident was reported at the intersection of Roads L and 240. [Read More]
As heavy rains drenched central Arkansas on Wednesday morning, 17 students had to be rescued after their school bus drove off the side of a... [Read More]
Another Volusia County Schools student was charged Wednesday with threatening campus violence and DeLand police had to deal with an 8-year-old who threatened gun violence... [Read More]
DPS said the trooper was released from the hospital Feb. 16 and is at home recuperating.        ... [Read More]
Rescue crews say the driver went through high water, didn't see a flooded ditch, and got stuck when he dropped a wheel into the ditch. [Read More]
Police officers shut down local streets and called the bomb squad in the Santa Barbara County community of Lompoc after an ammunition box was found... [Read More]
3:35 p.m. Evacuations are growing across the Midwest after heavy rains sent rivers and streams out of their banks. Authorities in Lansing, Michigan,... [Read More]
The city issued a statement Wednesday, Feb. 21 noting the bus broke through "a void" created by the main break. [Read More]
Crews in central Arkansas rescued 17 students after a school bus drove off the road and got stuck in floodwaters... [Read More]
Two Merriwether Middle School students are being charged after an altercation on a school bus in Edgefield County. School officials say the altercation happened Tuesday... [Read More]
Rescue crews had to help the 17 students and a driver evacuate. [Read More]
Over a dozen students and a driver were rescued from a flooded school bus. [Read More]
Two students are being charged after a fight on a school bus on Tuesday, in which one of the students said he was getting a... [Read More]
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