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Roy Dean White was charged this week in connection with a Beaufort County burglary. [Read More]
CLEVELAND– A Cleveland man who already served time for manslaughter was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty  in the... [Read More]
A father and son from Mahoning County have been charged after federal authorities say the son gave a gun to his father, even though he... [Read More]
This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Trump administration argue for extensive government authority to detain certain immigrants who served sentences for committing crimes,... [Read More]
East Point City Councilman Joshua B. Butler IV, who served time in federal prison for fraud, may not be eligible to hold the Ward D... [Read More]
Jeremy Hunt, who has served time for escaping custody twice in the past, faces a slew of charges. [Read More]
The Supreme Court appeared divided Wednesday over whether the Trump administration can detain immigrants with criminal records indefinitely years after they've served time for the offense. [Read More]
This week, Russell Craig and Jesse Krimes — another up-and-coming Philadelphia artist who served time in federal prison for drug charges — will debut their... [Read More]
"Only the little people pay taxes," said a New York celebrity real estate figure in the 1980s. It was not Donald Trump but Leona Helmsley,... [Read More]
A clique of five 'mean girls' from Seneca Valley High School in Pennsylvania falsely accused a teenage boy of sexual assault. The boy was fired... [Read More]
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