Stand Your Ground, bathroom bills, right to work legislation and anti-sharia law efforts all started as (or became) cookie-cutter model bills.        ... [Read More]
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Beaver Creek Wine and Spirits Festival There are wine and spirits festivals, and then there are wine and spirits festivals at Beaver Creek. For the 13th year, the Beaver Creek Wine and Spirits Festival puts... [Read More]
2019 is shaping up to be a transformative year for tech. This list offers a month-by-month look at major tech conferences and events you ... [Read More]
Taher Behbehani, GM & SVP, Samsung, talks with TechRepublic about the Galaxy Note 10's business features, like a better DeX experience, more integration with Microsoft apps, a new S Pen, and 5G. [Read More]
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Some of the highest-performing students don't necessarily end up at top-ranked universities, according to a HackerRank report. [Read More]
While there are many overlapping skills, the roles of data analyst and data scientist demand different requirements and earn different salaries, according to Indeed. [Read More]
The rabbi, Shneor "Uri" Mizrahi, had worked to empty the synagogue without a fight by talking with the squatters in an attempt to convince them to vacate. [Read More]
South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday reshuffled the cabinet and appointed a new ambassador to the United States amid an escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and a trade spat with Japan, presidential spokeswoman Ko Min-jung said. [Read More]
A Boardman woman says it's time for change as she announced she's running for Boardman Township Trustee.  After immense flooding the last few months, Tracie Balentine says there were things that t... [Read More]
Kyler Murray perfect 6 for 6 in NFL preseason debut... [Read More]
Kyler Murray takes the field for the first time as an NFL quarterback when his Arizona Cardinals host the Los Angeles Chargers in a preseason game Thursday night. [Read More]
Image your drives for free with the help of one of these reliable tools. [Read More]
Along with the synagogue, the community's headquarters also were announced as being shut down due to threatening phone calls and emails, Kukliansky said Tuesday. [Read More]
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting businesses with ransomware instead of consumers for a bigger payout, according to Malwarebytes. [Read More]
In 1979, the Navy reached out to the Village People hoping to use the band's hit single as a recruiting tool for the service. In exchange, the band were allowed to film a music video upon the USS Reasoner. [Read More]
Lekima downgraded to typhoon, remains forecast to track along Chinese coast into early next week. [Read More]
Edi Hallberg walks around the memorial near the mass shooting. The first time she was there, she was looking for her mother, who was one of the victims. [Read More]
In its first appearance at the PONY League World Series since 2006, Simi Valley is hoping to ride the wave of momentum after an unthinkable ending helped send it back... [Read More]