A third defendant has been added to a federal case in which two people are accused of selling drugs in Pulaski County, one of whom is a Eubank woman who... [Read More]
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Three area piano students will perform in one of 30 ensembles in the State Honors Concert on Saturday, June 6 at 7 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis. [Read More]
NBC15 is unspinning the political headlines with analysts, Bill McCoshen, managing partner of Capitol Consultants, and Analiese Eicher, executive director of One Wisconsin Now. [Read More]
Elected Wisconsin officials and Madison community leaders were in Burlington, Vermont Wednesday on what they are calling a fact finding mission about F-35s. [Read More]
Boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya denies accusations of sexual assault contained in a lawsuit filed against him this week... [Read More]
A new system aimed at streamlining the way Oregonians apply for public benefits will need retooling before it's implemented next year for use by about a million Oregonians, a state audit found. The audit released Wednesday by the state Audits Division exposed areas the state Department of Human Services will need to address to improve data security.The new system is also expected to reduce the time Oregonians spend applying and waiting for assistance and cut... [Read More]
The Atlanta rapper was supposed to perform in a small Pennsylvania town, but he never showed up and cost the promoters some big money. [Read More]
Senior rookie's play a big reason the Falcons are undefeated this season... [Read More]
La RDC se prépare à lancer des opérations contre les rebelles ougandais des ADF. D'autres opérations sont en cours de planification, peut-être avec la... [Read More]
The Cyclones adjusted to plenty of change this season as they're led by a first year head coach in Bryce Paden and a new starting quarterback, sophomore Kobe Davis. [Read More]
For the first time since 2014, the Riverside Cyclones have notched a winning record, going 5-2 so far this season. [Read More]
Kyrie Irving scored 50 points in a record-setting Nets debut, but lost his balance and missed a potential winning shot that allowed the Minnesota Timberwolves to pull out a 127-126 victory over Brooklyn in overtime Wednesday night, Oct. 23. [Read More]
This summer, the equal employment commission granted the five the right to file suit under federal civil-rights laws. [Read More]
A local high school received a hand-delivered invitation from London, England on Wednesday. A party of British dignitaries traveled to Mount Horeb High School, to invite the band and choir students to perform at Londons International Choir Festival. [Read More]
Robert Lewis is facing charges of attempted murder with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon. [Read More]
There are more than 1,200 without power in Downtown Evansville Wednesday night, Vectren said. [Read More]
A group of Signature School students won the 5th Annual Changemaker Challenge Wednesday, with each team member securing full tuition scholarships to the UE. [Read More]
The past nine weeks included memorable games, epic finishes and some spectacular performances. But now, it's time for the fun to really start. [Read More]
As a constitutional, representative democracy we must always be about improving the lives of our citizens. [Read More]
Sad the way the world is anymore and it makes me even happier that I am older and not that many more years left here. [Read More]
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