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Blair Witch, which premiered on Xbox One and PC in August 2019, is hitting PS4 soon, complete with new cosmetic options for your dog. [Read More]
People jealous of the Blair Witch video game's exclusivity arrangements won't have to worry about feeling left out anymore. It is... [Read More]
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Technical upgrades and dog customization are part of the PS4 drop... [Read More]
Players on all three platforms will also be able to customize their dog. [Read More]
Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games are bringing the recent Blair Witch game to PlayStation 4 on December 3rd, and there's a few upgrades coming with... [Read More]
Bloober Team's take on the horror franchise Blair Witch is coming to PlayStation 4 next month. Blair Witch will be released on PlayStation 4 December... [Read More]
The series features six 15-minute fictional horror stories based on Ybor history. [Read More]
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