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A WOMAN who left a small cut on her hand untreated was horrified when eight of her fingers turned black. The woman, known only as... [Read More]
Ms Zhang from Wuhan, China, reportedly cut her left ring finger by accident while doing housework. She didn't pay attention to the cut. But two... [Read More]
GRAPHIC IMAGES: A 53-year-old woman known only as Mrs Zhang from Hubei Province in China had left a small cut untreated - but was shocked... [Read More]
Adverts endorsing harmful gender stereotypes will be banned from June 2019 due to new guidelines issued by advertising watchdogs. Under rules set by the Advertising... [Read More]
How female cultural enforcers like Lori Alexander and Nancy Campbell can harm their followers with their ridiculous housework rules. [Read More]
Themes such as women being bad at parking and men being useless in the home are expected to be banned... [Read More]
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