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After the Israeli military and the militant Hezbollah organization in Lebanon spent a day exchanging fire last week, life is back to normal for Israeli... [Read More]
Is Bernie Sanders confident that enough Jewish Democrats will overlook Linda Sarsour and still support him? [Read More]
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to annex the West Bank. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins Rick Sanchez to discuss Israel's latest ... [Read More]
Israel is accused of planting cellphone surveillance devices ("StingRays") near the White House in order to spy on President Trump and his advisors. The Trump... [Read More]
Police arrested and charged 36-year-old Matthew James Amiot with first degree arson on Friday in connection with a fire that destroyed the historic Adas Israel... [Read More]
Replacement activist and former head of Paideia, Barbara Spectre resurface in Israel for a conference called "Our Common Destiny" together with Jacob ... [Read More]
Devon Stack AKA Black Pilled joins Henrik to talk about some of the recent news. We begin on the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, Bolton fired, media... [Read More]
A longtime Orthodox Christian priest has been force to retire for bringing a "Jewish twist" into his leadership. The twist amount to references to the... [Read More]
Erdan clarified that the state, of course, needed to try other means to achieve quiet before going to war, but that, after multiple attempts, negotiation... [Read More]
Umushikiranganji wa mbere wa Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, arahakana yivuye inyuma amakuru avuga ko igihugu ciwe cakoze ibikorwa vy'igendereza kuri Amerika. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said he discussed the possibility of a mutual defense treaty during a phone call Saturday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Read More]
Australia head coach Michael Cheika has revealed he was threatened by fans after refusing to pick Israel Folau due to his controversial social media posts. [Read More]
The idea has been discussed before and been determined to be unnecessary... [Read More]
BAQA AL GHARBIYEH, Israel — Arab citizens of Israel have no love lost for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who routinely resorts to fearmongering against them... [Read More]
President Trump spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Saturday about a potential mutual defense treaty between the two countries — a significant expansion of... [Read More]
Ilan Goldenberg is hoping to bring back insight about Israel's recent military success countering Iran, to delve into the Palestinian conflict and to get a... [Read More]
Israel has spied on the United States, which does not make every report of Israeli spying true. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said on Sept. 14 he had spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a possible "mutual defense treaty" between the United States and Israel. "I had... [Read More]
Netanyahu, who is fighting for his political survival as prosecutors prepare to indict him on corruption charges, has made Arabs a focal point of his... [Read More]
President Trump said he spoke Saturday to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the possibility of a "mutual defense treaty"…... [Read More]
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