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So many first-time buyers struggle pulling together the downpayment that gifted money from relatives and close friends has become relatively common. The ... [Read More]
Two Clarksville women were on their way home from a getaway in Gatlinburg when they reluctantly went into Smoky Mountain Knife Works. What they found... [Read More]
Can't Saudi Arabia handle this? Re: "Trump: U.S. is locked, loaded," Sept. 16 news story President Donald Trump ran in part on a campaign platform... [Read More]
I live along Prairie Avenue in Highland across from the new Cardinal development. I am concerned with the yellow sticks and the bump outs along... [Read More]
Recent polls show that many Americans, especially millennials, support socialism as a method to eliminate perceived economic inequality. What they do not realize is that... [Read More]
Now that summer is officially over, Porter County kids are back in school. Parents should take special note of what could be in your kid's... [Read More]
The state's election watchdog has the power to issue subpoenas, but doesn't use it. It doesn't send investigators -- it just sends letters. [Read More]
Letters: Jayapal spread half-truths about Trump , Local Opinion, Portland local Opinion, Breaking Opinion alerts for Portland city. [Read More]
Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari celebrated Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday at India Gate on the midnight of Tuesday. Party workers led by Tiwari celebrated... [Read More]
It's said that when you rehab an old home it gives up its secrets. [Read More]
Editor: There have been two recent letters to the editor on my addressing of the terrible disease leprosy in the USA — both negative, and... [Read More]
Gal Gadot led the way, posting on her Instagram account the words, "Get out and vote" in Hebrew dozens of times in white letters on... [Read More]
The Port received nearly 3,000 comment letters in response to its initial proposal. [Read More]
To the Editor:... [Read More]
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Ten per cent of voters are no longer represented by the party they elected. [Read More]
Green New Deal is dangerous to our country... [Read More]
The White House sent letters to the House Judiciary Committee on Monday regarding the testimony of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and former aides... [Read More]
A 2016 study of where incarcerated felons got their guns showed interesting results. Among prisoners who possessed a firearm, for which they were imprisoned, 43%... [Read More]
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Rob Porter Testimonial Immunity 09.16.2019  DOJ OLC - Rick Dearborn Testimonial Immunity - 09.16.2019 ... [Read More]
Re: the September 9 letter "Global warming is real, but untrue beliefs exist." [Read More]
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