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Sometimes, when you reach for the stars, you receive an unexpected gift. [Read More]
To a significant extent, Berkshire County has staked a its future economic viability on its continuing efforts to redevelop itself into a destination for culture-seeking... [Read More]
Hairpin Turn; Western Summit; the Bridge of Flowers; 'See the live baby bears!'; souvenir moccasins; Dead Man's Curve; a bridge with busts of Indians at... [Read More]
Depending on the lens through which one chooses to view it, Berkshire County is a dormant powerhouse or a perennially depressed decaying backwater. At an... [Read More]
"For it is in giving that we receive." – Francis of Assisi... [Read More]
It seems nearly every election cycle reveals quirks in the voting system that must be addressed, and one of this year's revelations is that not... [Read More]
We recall the general manager of Site Selection magazine, in a March 2009 meeting with our editorial board after Site Selection rated Sioux City metro... [Read More]
If lawmakers take the same prudent approach to flush times as Herbert has suggested — bearing in mind that good times won't last forever —... [Read More]
Tolls on Indiana highways should be fair and the legislature should have a say in how the money is spent. [Read More]
As Gov. Rick Scott prepares to leave office, he can claim one more failure on a record that already includes poor stewardship of the public... [Read More]
Tupelo's city government has faced internal and external turmoil in recent weeks, due to issues largely stemming from national partisan politics. [Read More]
UNC-Chapel Hill's board of trustees last week proposed a solution to the "Silent Sam" conundrum that sounds like the punchline to a bad joke. [Read More]
Folks in these parts, especially, like to quote the key line from "Field of Dreams," the movie shot here 30 years ago: "If you build... [Read More]
Your state representatives and senators already are laying out their priorities in the form of prefiled legislation at the Capitol. [Read More]
Every day in the United States, nine people are killed in vehicle crashes where distracted driving is deemed the culprit; another 1,000 people are injured.... [Read More]
Nikki Fried was narrowly elected Florida's commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services during the 2018 general election.Although she will be the only Democrat on the... [Read More]
The late former president George H.W. Bush was laid to rest this week at the age of 94. [Read More]
Getting to the VA hospital shouldn't be this difficult. [Read More]
The "Way We Were Photo" runs on our Opinion page every Tuesday and is a chance for us to look back into our photo archives... [Read More]
Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts are off to a 'very robust' start, according to state Revenue Commissioner Christopher Harding, to which residents of traffic-plagued Leicester... [Read More]
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