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Our Opinion: Try bipartisan route for climate change, Local Opinion, Portland local Opinion, Breaking Opinion alerts for Portland city. [Read More]
Mississippi lawmakers are considering a bill that would shield the names of law enforcement officers involved in fatalities for up to six months. [Read More]
Cheri Beasley follows some formidable footsteps as the first African-American woman and second African-American to serve as chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. [Read More]
The General Electric Company's decision to abandon its plan to build a new headquarters in Boston is a disappointment for that city and, to a... [Read More]
In the last few weeks, most people in Greene County have made special arrangements to stay out of the inclement weather. Whether it was from... [Read More]
We're listening, and we're going to make changes to our opinion pages beginning Sunday to give you what you've been asking for.        ... [Read More]
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It's in the public's best interest for the protections afforded by the Citizens Participation Act to err on the side of the defendant in a... [Read More]
When North Carolina lawmakers took a wrong turn in 2016 down a misbegotten road called House Bill 2, one of the many casualties was the... [Read More]
The national debt passed $22 trillion this week, a figure that has doubled in just the past 10 years. [Read More]
Some people seem to have a knee-jerk negative reaction to change, even if that change would be preferable to the status quo.Take, for example, the... [Read More]
Iowa's "bottle bill" is, according to one Iowa State University economist, "falling apart" after more than 40 years. [Read More]
Lately, the numbers of Bay State opioid-related deaths have begun to decline from their peak in 2016, and this is encouraging news. (Eagle, Feb. 14).... [Read More]
Is there really any argument we spend too much time on our cellphones?Yet there are still far too many of us—young and old—who can't, or... [Read More]
A 230-year-old letter written by George Washington caught the eyes of antiques collectors this week when it became for sale in Philadelphia. The letter hints... [Read More]
Motorists, be warned. You might face a triple threat this weekend.In addition to another assault of ice and snow courtesy of Mother Nature, you might... [Read More]
For the overwhelming majority of Americans who maintain a healthy respect for science-based knowledge, the only question about vaccination against infectious diseases is 'What is... [Read More]
President Donald Trump declares an emergency to get funding lawmakers wouldn’t support. Our Opinion: The power of the purse belongs to the legislative branch, and... [Read More]
To the editor:To the people of North Adams:As some of you are aware, Mass MoCA was solely responsible for the paint-over of the historic art... [Read More]
Certain realities about education have always been apparent to rural Western Massachusetts residents, among them practical difficulties of simply transporting students to and from school... [Read More]
We're all for moving away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable "green" energy, but the Green New Deal, as proposed by New York Congresswoman Alexandria... [Read More]
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