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With a growing number of Americans suffering from strokes and other neurological disease, researchers at Purdue University are developing what they believe are better medical... [Read More]
Like it or not, dockless e-scooters, and future such technology, are here to stay for the long-term.        ... [Read More]
Researchers at RIT and URMC developed a new digital stethoscope that combines precision sensors, electrocardiogram technology and machine learning applications into one piece of equipment... [Read More]
Microsoft missed its chance to be the dominant firm in mobile technology because it was "distracted" during a lengthy antitrust battle with US authorities, company... [Read More]
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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, applauded NASA's decision to invest more than $45 million in... [Read More]
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Figuring out how to take live photos on your iPhone can be confusing, as it's hidden behind a very tiny icon. The Live Photo option... [Read More]
Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors joins CNBC's "Power Lunch" to discuss NBA free agency and technology investing, including his new book, "The Sixth... [Read More]
There are many scenarios where it makes sense to apply for a job where you do not meet the criteria. It could be that technology... [Read More]
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Chinese manufacturer SZ DJI Technology Co Ltd, the world's largest producer of consumer drones, said on Monday it plans to use a company warehouse in... [Read More]
Jamshid Mohammadi, a professor of civil and architectural engineering who has been with Illinois Institute of Technology for more than 40 years, wa... [Read More]
Big houses are a big waste of money, Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale University professor Robert Shiller told the Wall Street Journal. The ubiquity... [Read More]
Detroit Pistons Owner Tom Gores and Livonia, Mich.-based Schostak Brothers & Company today announced the formation of a joint venture to redevelop the Palace of... [Read More]
The ExploraVision competition for K-12 students engages the next generation in real world problem solving by challenging young scientists to create inspiring technology and science... [Read More]
The last decade or so has seen remarkable advances in motor technology for robotics and hobby applications. We're no longer stuck with crappy brushed motors,... [Read More]
Wall Street struggled for direction on Monday as gains by technology companies were blunted by losses in the healthcare sector, while investors looked to U.S.... [Read More]
The general business administration short-term certificate provides a basic introduction to the diverse skills needed for business administration, including accounting, legal principles, economics, technology and... [Read More]
If you're interested in criminal justice, have a knack for investigations, and want to work in the white-collar business world, the one-year Business Forensics Investigations... [Read More]
Building on the one-year Computer and Digital Forensics certificate, this Associate Degree program provides you with the skills necessary to enter a career in computer... [Read More]
This Associate Degree program builds on the one-year Business Forensics Investigations certificate and brings together three professional areas – accounting, digital forensics, and criminal justice.... [Read More]
The Web has disrupted old industries and created a new world of business opportunities. Understanding the technology used to build complex and database-driven websites gives... [Read More]
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